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About Us

Deli-Boy was founded in 1960 by Lon Frocione in Syracuse, New York, when, as an ambitious young meat salesman, he decided to sell Boar's Head products in upstate New York. While his endeavor was originally in partnership with others, he became the sole proprietor in December of 1965.

From that day, Lon has been a leader in the food distribution industry. He partnered with P&C Food Markets to provide upstate New York with its first full-service deli in a grocery store. Deli-Boy supplied all of the deli products. This partnership fueled the growth of both entities as people found the convenience of one-stop shopping helpful in combating their busy lives.

Frozen Foods

The next trend that Lon foresaw was frozen foods. To accommodate the growth of the frozen foods sector, Deli-Boy expanded its warehouse on Mathews Avenue. The first expansion was to create a storage freezer, and a second expansion was constructed to create what is the primary distribution facility for the company today.

Food Service

With its acquisition of F.G. Alletzhauser in 1995, Deli-Boy moved from being a retail distributor to both retail and food service. The acquisition set up the next phase of growth for the company by expanding its customer base.

Convenience Stores

With the emergence of convenience stores, Deli-Boy was perfectly positioned to service this new marketplace. Our sales team's expertise in the retail and foodservice markets is a perfect match for the convenience store business model.

Home Meal Replacement

The newest phase of growth appears to be the explosion of home meal replacement items in both the grocery and convenience store arena. In 2002, Deli-Boy acquired Big Apple Deli Products in Rochester, New York, to accommodate the demand for serving Wegmans and others.

Trucks and Warehouse

$150 Million & Growing

Now well into our 58th year of business, Deli-Boy is a $150 million distributor growing at an average annual rate of 3%. We are well positioned to meet the needs of our customer with quality products at reasonable prices — all distributed with a commitment to excellence in service.